Fiber spinning Lab Equipment
Laboratory Equipment for Melt Spinning: POY, FDY and BCF Fibers

General characteristics:
• Suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, e.g., PP, PA, PET, PLA, etc.
• Channels where the melted materials flow smoothly, no need to be disassembled for cleaning. The materials are easier to change.
• Can have multiple drawing rollers with multiple stretching
• The temperature of the quenching is adjustable between 15~25℃
• The height of the quenching is adjustable to meet the application needs for the crystallization and cooling of different polymeric materials
• Spinning beam has heating and soaking functions of bimetallic materials
• Spinneret is easy to change.
• The type of spinneret aperture is variable.
• Systems for the production of BCF fibers with axially split texturing device, featuring electrical positioning and angle control. (optional)
• Optional dual-stretch rollers as needed, to enable the fibers to be heated more uniformly. Forming is more accurate, which improves the quality of the fiber. (optional)
• Change from mono-component to bi-component : only necessary to add the extruder and spinning modules.
• Change from bi-component to mono-component : a. interchangeable spinning module ; b. use the same material.

Technical Data of Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment for Mono-component
(Please contact us for bi-component if required)