“Memory Nanomaterials”——The latest technological achievements of KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH

Date: September 15, 2023

"Memory Nano-technology" is a new technology concept innovated by the material research team of KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH and recently achieved a key breakthrough. It is designed to compound a polymer-based nanomaterial with inorganic nanomaterials into a composite Nano-unit. The composite Nano-unit can maintain its original properties and change some mechanical properties of the processed polymer material after melting process, so as to the processed fibers can be bending in three dimensions.

Two varieties are currently available, mainly applicable to PP fibers. FCN01 is mainly suitable for PP materials with low viscosity, such as Meltblown nonwoven. FCN01S is mainly suitable for PP materials with high viscosity, such as Spunbond nonwoven, BCF, staple fiber etc.

It will play great significance to apply the three-dimensional bending fibers in filtration, heat preservation, noise absorption, textile and other fields.

The application of this technical achievement in PA and PET fields will be released successively, please pay attention and feel free to contact for further information.