KMD has upgraded the configuration of 450mm width meltblown lab line, helping mask producers to take control melt-blown nonwoven fabric (mask core) technology, explore new core materials and develop mask technology.
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Melt-blown fabric is the key material of the mask. The ability to produce high-efficiency Melt-blown filter fabrics with stable quality and supplement are key features for many mask producers. Utilizing the original 450mm width Melt-blown lab line, KMD quickly upgraded the configuration to shorten the equipment delivery time. The features of the new upgraded production line are summarized as:

  • Low space requirements, Low energy consumption, less limits for the production site and can be quickly assembled.
  • Less capital investment and return of investment period is shorter.
  • The minimum effective fabric width of 450mm width machine is 350mm, which can equip on-line electric charging & cutting systems for two 17.5cm melt-blown materials for mask.
  • Excellent melt-blown die head, minimum fibre fineness is 1.0µm with uniform fiber distribution.
  • The maximum extrusion capacity is 13kg/h with a daily production rate of 300kg.
  • Designed for both R&D experiments and small amount continuous production, where the applications can be switched freely and quickly.
  • PLC touching screen with centralizing control, flexible operation with less operation time.

Apart from providing small melt-blown production line, KMD is also able to provide technical solutions for the complete production process of high-efficiency melt-blown filtration fabrics, including the supply of electret material and usage guidance. Through many years of R&D and manufacturing achievement, we will serve and assist more mask and melt-blown fabric producers to produce melt-blown materials with filter effect of 95% & 99%.

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