KMD Bico-meltblown technology & 1.0m/1.6m/2.4m width Melt-blown production line commercialized, will deliver to customers for the production of mask fabric.

KMD has been committed to the technology of fiber laboratory machine for many years, which is a process of continuous research and development of comprehensive technology of fiber. Similarly, KMD has never stopped the R&D pace in the field of melt-blown non-woven fabric technology. Currently, melt-blown Bl-component technology can be industrialized, and similarly, single-component technology can also be industrialized.

KMD's melt-blown technology includes, melt-blown spin-pack technology; nano-grade polymer material technology (dedicated for melt-blown), melt-blown fabric lay-down & forming technology. The characteristics of KMD melt-blown production line is that the fiber fineness can be 0.7 micron in diameter and 3D mesh laying. Bi-component melt-blown production line can achieve a certain level of fiber curling, which will realize excellent air permeability while the fabric also has high filtration efficiency.

Currently, the available products are:
Bi-component melt-blown production line,
Mono-component melt-blown production line.
Equipment specification (fabric width) are:
1000mm, 1600mm, 2400mm, other specifications need to be customized.

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