The latest design of fiber spinning lab equipments
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KEIMEI News Letter

Keimei successfully completed the latest design of fiber spinning lab equipments on March 22, 2014. The new features of Keimei lab machines enhance the following functions: 

1 The direction of drawing system: it can be clockwise and counterclockwise according to the habits and application needs of users.

2 Spiral stairs: it replaces the old design, so there is enough space on the back of the machines for the maintenance and inspection of the internal components. Photos can be found at POY .

3. New double drawing rollers design (optional):  users can choose this function according to different materials and to the requirement of the fiber quality.  More details and photos can be found at FDY and BCF.

4 The standardized design of the bi-component units: the lab machines are able to have the functions of monocomponent and bi-component through the changes of monocomponent and bi-component units. That means a lab machine can not only have both functions, but also users can reduce costs significantly.