About Us

KMD Plastifizierungstechnik GmbH develops and manufactures high quality polymer extruders and fiber spinning lab equipment.

KMD has a world-class R&D team which comprises of various expertise, including: mechanical engineering, fluid technology, fine chemicals engineering, polymeric materials, synthetic fiber, nonwoven technology, textiles, automation etc. Besides our own R&D team, we also have joint R&D projects with several universities in Europe, USA and Asia in related disciplines. This model of R&D cooperation where we complement the strengths of each other has vastly boosted the efficiency and achievements of our R&D. This multiexpertise, multi-discipline approach has resulted in multiple technological breakthroughs in various disciplines. This is the source of the “Technology Chain” and “Product Group” of KMD. This is what KMD is all about.

Our R&D focuses on plasticizing technology of polymeric materials, including triple and twin screw extruders used for polymer plasticizing and the processing of the new polymeric materials and microfiber technology. Our companys product range, which we also design and produce, includes screw extruder used for polymer plasticizing, the synthetic and processing equipments for new polymeric materials, special purpose microfiber polymers etc.

Product Range:
Triple Screw Extruder
Three screws are arrangement in a triangle resulting in two more intermeshing zones, thus increasing the distribution and dispersion in the mixing process.

Twin Screw Extruder
In our machine design the Screws have three flights for increased shear rate and better mixing effects.

Blend Reactor
Multiple Twin or Triple Screw Extruders are arranged in a cascade design enabling higher residence times for chemical reactions without being limited from torque.

Fiber Spinning Lab Equipment
Our lab equipment enables the production of polymeric fibers like FDY, POY and BCF in small samples, but with parameters similar to the industrial processing.

Nonwoven Lab Equipment
By our lab equipment it is possible to test Spunbond as well as Meltblown fabrics according to industrial production parameters in small sample sizes. The modular design makes it feasible to combine the Equipment and produce multilayered fabrics like SMS.
We have developed all our products with great care. Therefore we have ensured their feasibility, designed them according to modern methods, build prototypes and trialed these thoroughly before releasing them for field tests in industrial scales. The feedback, added from customer side, helped us ensure the entering of the finished product into the market.

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions left. Every customer feedback helps us to further develop our products according to your needs. If you did not find your specific application in our examples, but our technology arouse your interest, contact us and arrange the testing of our equipment personalized to your needs.